About Us

Harrow Home Builders have worked for over 30 years in and around North London and Greater London. We are highly experienced general builders with very high standards.  
Most of our workforce have worked together for many years and as such we're extremely reliable workforce from plasterers, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, electricians and decorators meaning we can fix most of your home building needs whether it be a small bathroom redecoration job or a large loft conversion.
Our specialisms are:
 - Loft conversions 
 - Extensions
 - Driveways and patios
We like to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with our high standards and have a large catalogue of very satisfied clients who can vouch for our high standards of work. 
Harrow Home Builders believe you should choose us because:
  1. Solid Track Record - Have a large past history of very satisfied clients that you can call and visit
  2. Cost Effective - Aren't a large corporate company so do NOT add large management overheads to our price
  3. Fast and high quality - Work efficiently but never compromise our high standards of quality
  4. Trustworthy - Pride ourselves on being friendly, trustworthy and exceeding your expectations
  5. Highly Experienced - Offer you a highly experienced workforce with family members and trusted contractors with who've worked with us for many years
  6. Comprehensive - Being general builders as opposed to specilists who just do one type of work, we can offer a fuller more comprehensive service at a more cost effective price. 
  7. Save you money - We try to save you money where we can, for example we will try to reuse your existing tiles for your loft conversion or will advise you on the different cost saving options.
  8. Ethical - We are a family business with high moral standards and treat each job as if it were on our own home.  We understand that building work can be disruptive and we do our best to keep disruption and mess to a minimum